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It measures 11.5cm, fits snugly in the palm of your hand. All in non-toxic low carbon silicone, resistant to high and low temperature, (220º to -40º). Its shape allows you to comfortably fit your hand to massage both the body and the scalp. Silicone is soft enough not to scratch and hard enough to feel the massage of malleable teeth as they pass through the skin.

Great for bathing adults or children, whoever has short or thin hair will love to pass it on their head, it can also be used as a brush to massage the scalp, providing relaxation and cleaning.

It can be used to massage the scalp when moisturizing. It\'s great for helping the oils penetrate the pores.

Anyone who has dandruff, or a lot of itchy scalp will not live without it.

It promotes blood circulation, which stimulates hair growth and increases hair vitality.

In addition, it is also antibacterial, does not allow the accumulation of dirt, bacteria and fungi. They are easy to clean and wash, and can be used by the whole family, providing healthy and pleasant baths for a long time, without the need to change.

We recommend: for everyone. Even for children.

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Instruções de cuidados

Após o uso, esprema a tutupom para remover o excesso de agua e a deixe em lugar fresco e arejado. Nao guarde novamente na embalagem e nem em lugares fechados para que nao acumule humidade. Quando seca, ela endurece, nao se preocupe, é normal. Para voltar a amolecer, basta molhar a tutupom.